Wednesday, February 23, 2011

marketing,financial and everything that related to it.

imma bit frustrated about the presentation which happened just now. someone asked about the marketing which we recommended to do promotion by blogging. (fyi, our project is about fertigation farming of chillies). he asked either it is effective @ not. i ended up by answering "we could evaluate by checking the rating of viewers. WHAT A SILLY ANSWER. i am down. sobssss.

to overcome my frustration, i would like to answer him here :)

"dude, it aint stone edge anymore. we're doing large scale production which targeted dealer who can afford large stock production. and i believe most of the dealers out there looking for suppliers by the INTERNET. thank you. "

only if i could turn back time :(

who are u?

last sunday, ade interview untuk menjadi ahli kelab outward bounders upm.
one of the question was, describe yr strength and weaknesses.

me: long pause.kept thinking.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


that's it. feeling like being betrayed and used.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

kesian tengok perempuan yang rase sangat bahagia dengan bf dia
padahal bf die 'nakal'.
yes, i knew him.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

vintage again

fyi, imma big fan of vintage stuff especially bags, necklace, outfit. vintage in terms of design not the age of it. my bro would prefer real vintage stuff (bundle la maksudnye).

all these stuff can be purchased @ luccacal shop. happy shopping :)

Friday, February 11, 2011


these bags are fucking vintage. NAKKKKKK! tapi rm60 weh. T____T and thre's no way i can afford it. i mean, i have the money but i wont be spending RM60 for just a small bag. yeah, u can say imma cheapskate :p nevertheless, i wont mind buying RM200 for shoes like scholl, clarks, bata and crocodile. walaupun orang2 akan kate, "kasut2 macam tu pesyen makcik2!" haha, like i care?? because i learn from mistakes. lets say if you buy a RM30 sandals but only last for 3 months before it starts tearing off, lekang or whatsoever. this means that you'll spend rm10 every month. unlike with those makcik-patterned-shoes, feel like it lasts F O R E V E R ! which cost you only like RM0.05 per months :o aint it worth?

p/s: but i think if imma billionaire, I wont hesitate to grab them (in every colour and pattern)
p/s/s: for me vintage stuff is something that last long and still in good condition so you can pass it to your sons :) well, i'm sure u know that fashion circle will keep rolling.

i'm so in love with ROSES

photo taken from Chriselle Inc.