Sunday, May 1, 2011

thanks bitches :p

p/s: This entry has been written right after my last paper; 1st of May 2011 :)
Please take note that 'bitches' for me is like 'darlings' @ 'honey' @ 'babes'.

OK, lets get started. I wish I could write this entry as long as possible (referring to all my very short post, he he). As we all know, most of universities in Malaysia is now in the exams week since last week. Luckily, mine was over just now *yay! I could still remember those days during my Asasi years when there were no study week. We suffered last packed lecture week (due to replacement class and 2nd test). So, don't bother to go back home *sobsssss. but now, (I cant remember since when) we, are scheduled to have one week to go home, sleeping, eating, wasting time and spending left scholarship money study before the finals.

Ok, now lets move on to the exams. i've done my 5 oh-so-very-well papers in a week. They were Agriculture Entrepreneurship and Aquaculture principle on Monday, Industrial Crop on Wednesday, continued by Farm Management on Saturday and ended today with Biometry *fuhhh.

So, to cut the crap (see, i dont think i can write longer) and as a token of gratitude i would like to dedicate this entry to some of my friends who has helped me A LOT during the 'war'.

This is Azyan Athirah (real name cannot be revealed). All this while, she has helped me a lot since last semester especially for Plant Breeding class. Can u imagine how blur I was during labs; calculating those breeds and genes stuff. While this sem, she helped me with my Biometry (also involving maths-duh, i am allergic to maths). not to mention her all-day-generousity with food and of course love ;) Ezad should be grateful to have her as bestfriend *ehem2.

ok, next is........tadaaaa!

Yana Zam (according to her fb name- i think zam is her bf *gossiping) and Ika Manaf (the cute one with white stain on her eyes,hehe). Again, Biometry has been a very big problem to me. thanks to Yana and Ika for always be there (behind me during classes) to let me copy your lab reports, haha.

finish with them, and now I'd like to present you the nerdies (haha)

from the trunk; Faten, Nisa', Diyana and Vajidah and....ehem, of course Notty Me, hehe. They've helped me for EPT (farm management). without their support (oh, and also Syahfiz Lutfi), we wont be able to complete our farm visit and report assignments, fuh.....

Last but not least, I'd like to thanks to all my coursemates who I havent mention like uji, zarip, louie, syamil, acai, ezad, mamat, acap and bla2.

Till then, wait for my results update, hehe.

(entry panjang kene baca semula dan edit, penatlahhh, huhu)