Friday, November 5, 2010

she's weird...but CUTE!

semalam punye semalam, naik train dari ukm ke upm. then ade sorang budak ni (i expect she's a high skul girl). i thought she's with her friends @ sisters beside her because she kept staring and smiling at them as if she was with them. but it end up those girls smile back in awkward. oh,tak kenal rupenye. and u should have expected she did it to me too. haha! weird kan? sebab lame jugak dia stop-and-stare, i buat2 tak nampak (pandang pintu) tapi dia masih lagi pandang. i yang rase awkward.bile balas balik pandangan die,she replied with her best friendly smile ^_____^
p.s: 1 thing that i like about her is her style. rambut kerinting2,baby t, without makeup. cute loh.....
p.s: i can think straight.ha ha.
p.s: tak boleh snap pic die sebab bateri henpon low sangat3.
till then,tata :)

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