Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Being In A Relationship

I had nothing important to do lately so I spend my time by watching Korean drama, Heartstrings. There was one part when the lead actress ridiculously chase for someone she loves. For me that is very stupid because it is obviously the lead actor loves someone else and he kept teasing her. And not surprisingly she realises that. Yes, I can say whatever I think is right but is it normal to do so when we really in love with someone? Because I never intended to do that plus I have never been in a serious relationship before. To me, I always see love (between man and women in this case, don't mix up with family or friend or whatsoever) with rationality. I dont know, do I sound very ego @ absurd? yes, I do believe love can turn someone head over heels which will lead us to act weird. I predicted that will happen in the early stage of relationship. After a while, we will get back to reality - my favourite part. Ok, I have nothing else to explain cause I am gonna continue watching the drama even the ending can be predicted. (am I that stupid?)

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