Saturday, June 4, 2011

hello there :)

I know its kinda long time I didn't write. So, here are some updates. I am on a semester break for 4 month starting on last May to September. Thus, I've been working at a phone store in my neighbourhood (sure u can imagine the distance from my house, hehe). Next, if nothing go wrong, I'll be leaving for a Standard Course at Outward Bound Malaysia in Lumut on July. (that is why i opt to work at "cikai" place, hehe. gurau je, mane ade cikai. Lastly, am just gonna wait for ramadhan and celebrates hari raya *yay!!!

thats all. thanks you :)

p/s: sepatutnya cuti la banyak update kn, huhu.


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    semoga dapat ceriakan lagi suasana. :)