Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hectic like ZZzzzzzz.....

I predicted this semester going to be hectic. For this week I have like 4 tasks to be managed.

  1. Decoration and souvenir thingy for Hari Raya celebration on this Saturday of Outward Bound Club (OBC) UPM
  2. Secretary for introductory camping of OBC UPM on this 24th and 25th Sept
  3. Proposing a final year project title to my supervisor (most of my friend were so lucky that they're been given the topic while i have to propose myself T__T nway, i'm doing on weedicides)
  4. Several tasks for program planning department of the Third International Agricultural Student Symposium.

Hopefully I can complete all the tasks given very well. *gasping for air

p/s: my resolution for this new semester is to say no to procrastination. hochuweyyy!!!

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