Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Hidayah Hussin

I can now enter night clubs legally and vote for election, hehe. Just kidding. I read Annas Easkey blog on how he wishes himself a happy birthday ;) but this is somehow a coincidence, I didn't mean to wish myself. Today, 26th of October, I am all alone at home. My parents and sisters went to my aunt's at Batang Kali. I was too sleepy to join them plus I bet there will be nothing interesting. My little brother may now has reached Chepor waterfall by cycling his Fixie with his friends.

Talking about birthday, during the my Asasi years, I will remind all my friends about my becoming birthday one week earlier. haha. I enjoyed did it even I have no reasons for it. As for my family, celebrating birthdays is not our tradition. Birthday is just another day to us. We only got to celebrate it during our childhood with simple ceremony. On my degree years, i planned my own birthday potluck at Bukit Ekspo, UPM. Maybe the reason I did it because I never think people will remember my birthday and throw a party for me. No heart feeling, okay. So to make it fun, I take initiative to do it my self without burdening them for buying cakes or whatsoever. It was very exciting as it was random. I invited friends from Kolej 17 as we seldom meet them for their hectic schedules. oh, I miss the heyday. the end. (suddenly ending this story -__-")

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