Sunday, October 2, 2011

my first attempt emcee-ing in english

During my asasi years, I tried to find an interesting stuff to do to fill my leisure time. The great thing I should be grateful about myself is that I can sometime be optimistic. I made myself believe that everything can be learnt, only certain things need talent. I like to try new things unfortunately I don't have chances (in terms of money and time. I was once a nerd during my school hood so I focus on studying). Seeing my friend, Fiza always offered to be an emcee urgently for any formal event, made me think why don’t I try emceeing? Fiza is actually a debater. I guess she doesn’t even has basic in this stuff (until MGP 2008 when Abg. Zul trained her). On 2008, when my batch was organizing a formal dinner for the Pusat Asasi to celebrate our seniors, I randomly offered myself to be the emcee. I arranged meeting with experienced people like Fiza and the multitalented and friendly Kak Kinah (she can sing, emceeing, dj-ing) to learn about emcee, mostly on the voice tone, body languages and gestures and so on.

The after party picture with Syafik as no one will captured emcee picture during the ceremony L

The first time I tried to be a formal emcee, back in 2008 during the Pusat Asasi Sains Pertanian annual dinner at The Mines Spa and Resort. There is one disadvantage of being an emcee. You will sometime be the very first or the unlucky last person to have your meal. For sure you have to control your food intake before the ceremony and get ready quickly and may already lost appetite at the end of the event. But it never fades away my interest in emceeing.

Next, back in 2009, I was the emcee of my college dinner. This time, I also got a specific emcee lesson from Abg. Zul and my emcee partner, Nazri. They are both very experience in this stuff as they are the UPM emcee. They’ve got to host many UPM big ceremonies like Malam Tunas Budaya, Majlis Konvokesyen and etc.

After that, I still continue emceeing small event as hobby.

Recently, this was my very first experience emceeing in English. As part of the Program Planning Division of the third International Agriculture Student Symposium (IASS), I was told to host the exposure night of IASS among volunteers. And it will be held in ENGLISH!!!! I’ve never tried it. The first and foremost thing I am afraid is my pronunciations. We (Pradeep and me) practiced only 30 minutes before the ceremony. I was very nervous. Luckily, it all went well. (fuhhhh…….). Our advisor, Encik Zakaria Sidek even praised me in front of everybody for my sweet voice (ahaksss). I felt very relieved and happy. The night goes on and I’ll never forget it.

According to my story, there are a lot more I need to learn. And I have planned if I don’t have future in agriculture field, I’d like to try emcee profession. However, AGRICULTURE IS MY PRIORITY.


  1. Good to you then. We will never know until we try it, right? That is how I learn about life. I bet you great voice had astonished everyone who listened to it.

    And don't say you don't have future in agriculture. It sadden me to know that agricultural students don't practice what they learn after graduated as they don't learn agriculture at all. Agriculture is about food security. We are the team that Malaysia needed most than all of other profession.

    Hope to see you again in agri/horticulture industries after graduated. Just remember that we are the carrier of foods that make Malaysia survive.

  2. great voice? not really la. i learn vocal from choir club. hehe. thats what i mean by "everything can be learnt,only certain things need talent" ;)

    yeah, i always proud to be one of our country food security team. but i just doubt the future of the GIRL in this industry. i dont like agri management, i like the science itself, the field work which always conquered by men.