Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Everybody Is Changing

It is a title from Keane's song. Yes, everybody is changing by time. What I want to stress here is that lately I am acting differently / pretending because of people around me and I hate it so much. It is like I am not being myself. Telling people I'm okay with this and that but in fact I'm not. I will then do what I absolutely want to, behind them. It is not like I am faking it, it feels more like I'm pushing myself through it. I am afraid if I hurt them. In the end, I am the one suffering. Is it the only option I have? *sobss


  1. Just try be yourself. Mr. Exp will teach you something with that. Just be patient if you want the relationship remain the same.

  2. I tried but later i will feel very cruel and miserable.

  3. I think you need to read some motivational books about this. I recommended this one for you.

    Telling Each Other the Truth


    IT's a good book.