Saturday, December 10, 2011


After blogwalking to several blog like Aidid Muaddib and Kahuna, it emphasize my lacking at general knowledge. Yes, I already realised it that is why I said it EMPHASIZED.

Last two week I was also awaken by this reading issue when I can hardly answer the Pesticide Science test where I ended up camparing two similar nozzle. I bet those farmers know better than me T____T In my opinion, reading should come together with passion. (my mind is translating the Malay thoughts into English and it is really depressing ;( Last Thursday, my classmates and I attendted a MAPPS Seminar where the genius people presenting papers on Good Agricultural Practices. I was amazed by the way they presented the papers. It seems like they know everything. They can easily answer all question asked by participants.

Thus, I am now nurturing the reading habit by doing a lot of references for things I dont understand. As my supervisor said "google and google!" I have been wasting my time by surfing entertainment stuff. But dont simply believe all the information. Do some research, ask the experts. I hope I wont be as "hangat-hangat tahi ayam". Lets read, people!

p/s: I find it is very hard to express my thoughts in this entry.
p/s/s: Syadan must be laughing if he reads this post.
lately he likes to tease me, effect of my bad presentation.
no heart feeling ;)
p/s/ss: please correct my english if it is wrong :)


  1. Well, i found the best way to understand what we do is passion. Yup. Passion in doing something will invoke us knowledge to share with others.

    I read a lot so that I can share and discuss with others about the knowledge I acquired though I can't simply believe it.

    And one thing you must remember, those knowledge also come with experiences. You need to do hands on and relate it with what you have learned and will you learn. With that only the knowledge remain in your head.

    I love to start it with blogwalking to all sort of horticulture amateur blogs. They sure make me think again what I had learn.

    Can you suggest him about his problem he had with his garden now?

  2. thank you for sharing your ideas.

    em....give me some time on the problem solution :)

  3. great! From what I had learned, rhino bettles shouldn't be a problem to the crops. It makes me weird why he said like that.

    Than I felt ashamed for not focused while taking entomology class. :(

    Maybe you could try to explain to him with a more simple way.