Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Friend Like You

All these while, I am being independent in my own way. I hate it when I have to wait for people and of course for them to wait for me. I feel burdened. But, sure it doesnt apply for all situation. I am not that cruel to leave people for no reason and sometime I also need accompany.

Ok, according to my topic, recently I have met a lot of people (spesifically; my new friends) who cant go on their own way. Em. Let me give examples; they need someone to accompany the to meet the lecturer, to pick up their stuff at just 2 metres away and also to always sit beside you during lecture. As for me, those are all simple thing that you cant do without harming yourself. I believe that it was my Abah who tought us (my sibling and I) to DIY our own task since our childhood. Let say if he drove us to the post office, then we have to figure out all by ourselves which counter to go, what to say, how much to pay while he just wait outside. Can you imagine how afraid/nervous I was. (by the way, why do I have to be afraid?)

These few friend I just met is kinda 'fragile'. They need people (which in my case, it's ME) to accompany them wherever they go. And I felt a little annoyed. I dont feel at ease to do it. You know to just accompany them and do everything with them. That is so gay, okay. Let me give a few examples; a friend even asked me to follow her to get her water bottle on the other table next to us. That was so ridiculous I'm telling you. Another friend of mine already saw the lecturer she wanted to meet, but with all her courage she called me from another building to accompany her to meet the lecturer. WTF? and there was also a friend who always want me to sit beside her in lecture hall. I was OK at first but after all, I felt uneasy. I felt like I have been controlled because these people will first persuaded you and after a few times when you refused, they kinda threaten me in a "mild" way as I said before, they are kinda "fragile".

The only way I discovered to solve this uncomfortable situation is just by confronting and tell them how I feel. I did it last time but there will be an awkward moment where she want to ask me to do a favor but she knew I wont do it. And I guess she is furious and hates me all her life. emm..... I am in dilemma.


  1. Maybe you can do like me. Make out a story about how you have a friend that always ask you to do something useless. Then if they do listen and understand you, they will not ignored your story.

    If not, you better say it slowly and try to find the best words how you would like to see them independent. Not that you don't like them, but you just want them to be independent and grow together with you. That's all.

  2. I'll try, but my weakness is that i can some time easily feel pity.