Saturday, November 26, 2011

FYP (3)

I just finished filling my pots with soil for my final year project last morning. Total up 143 pots. yes, it was tiring but I am not stress because I was guided by Mr. lab assistant.

During my freshman years, I have heard the rumors, risk, the bad story of doing final year project. The cruel supervisor, the damaged plot, the hardship of report writing so on and so forth. Those stories made me afraid to be a final year student. But recently, my perception has changed. As my fb status; thank god i am blessed with kind people around me like prof dzol, kak wani, seniors and friends :)

My supervisor has been very-very-very kind to me. Since he is a professor with many Phd student to be supervised, I thought he wont have time to guide me and I was totally wrong. He still try to make time to to check and correct my proposal and presentation slides. He corrected the slides by himself. I mean, he typed and backspaced my slides with his bare hands. I thought he was gonna tell while I corrected them. He also understand that I cant master everything after seeing me couldn't answer any of the question appointed to me during the presentation;( Seriously, I was touched. I was feeling guilty as I was disappointing him.

K.wani is very kind to me as she thought me how to construct the phase diagram. She even waited an hour for me to come back to lab after lunch hour. Sorry, kak :( Last but not LEAST, she's willing to key in the data for the phase diagram for me since I cant make it before my presentation day. Auwwww, that was very sweet of you, kak. Same goes to other Master and Phd student like K.Ayu, K.Siti and K.Farhana. They are very helpful. While the lab assistant have guided me with the practical/field work. They didn't just left me terkontang kanting. Did I just sound like giving an appreciation speech after wining an award??? haha.

See, doing a final year project for undergraduate student is not a nightmare. It only depends on you how to control the situation, solve the problems and make some time for it.

boring face expression in the lab

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