Thursday, November 3, 2011

I guess I'm addictedd updating about my FYP

Lets just consider this is my FYP report,hehe. This morning I met Kak Wani. She tought me how to prepare the formulation and do the phase diagram. But she cant show me the practical as the staff didn't know where the glyphosate was. Oh, by the way, my final year project will be about the effects of different formulation of herbicides. The active ingredient is glyphosate while the surfactants (chemicals that will differ the formulation) are methyl ester, organo silicon and alkylpoliglucoside. Which means I will mix those surfactants with glyphosate and see the effect on weeds. Yeah, saying @ reading sure is easier than doing.

To be more specific, first I have to find the right formulation, do all the different measurement of chemicals to get it, get the well mixed formulation. If they are not, they will form 2 or 3 layers as they couldn't mix. The right mixture of formulation can also obtained from a software *thanks to the technology :) These stuff will be done in the lab. Meanwhile, I have to plant the weeds that will be tested with my genius formulation, haha genius? Feeling like a chemistry wizard or in other words, a scientist ;) Ok, lets get back to the topic. I choose to plant paspalum and diodia. hah, nama nak gah saje, padahal rumput rumpai je, hehe. lepas tu kena gelak dengan kawan sebab tanam rumpai grrrrr. Itsokay, no heart feelings.

So, now the testing part. When the weeds are mature enough, I'll spray them and wait for the effects. Effects that will be taken into the results are the properties of the formulation which are the particle size, surface tension and efficacy. Then I will compare my own formulation with existing products in the market.

With all the explanation, I really hope everything will go smoothly. Wish me all the best. Now, I should start writing proposal and abstract. Bubbye ^_______^

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